How often you plan a road trip? How often are you in a mood of some adventure?

To be specific not always you get some free time for yourself out of your busy schedule, so here’s what you have to know before you head to Jodhpur a plan that will interest you to know how you should plan a perfect road trip to Jodhpur also known as the “Blue City”.

Prepare a To-do list for the perfect road trip, and be sure to list down all the budget hotels in Jodhpur, which does not hurt your wallet as much, while your stay in Jodhpur.

Easy and effortless driving on the smoother roads than most routes (though it all depends from where you are coming). If you are coming from Delhi, then the best option for you would be to drive all the way to Jodhpur, if you want to hire a driver for the road trip it will cost you around @INR. 3,500 which isn’t much, so to say.

The distance From Delhi to Jodhpur is about 609.9 Km, and is a 9 h 54 min Journey, use NH48. You can stop by for a lunch break in any of the highway food Joints.

It’ll be a 9 hour long adventurous road trip, of course once you arrive at Jodhpur, you wouldn’t want to wait to search hotels and book a room. To avoid that you can always Pre-book your rooms in any of the budget hotels in Jodhpur and enjoy your stay in the same.

This is when you are coming from Delhi to Jodhpur.

Oh! but if you are travelling from some other state, let’s say you are coming from Mumbai which is about 983.2 Km, try out and plan on a trip schedule and make prior reservations in one of the budget hotels in Jodhpur, and work on that trip schedule accordingly, stick to the schedule, so that you don’t have to face any unexpected issues.  Make sure that you place your stops in such a way so that you have a place to stay at night.

Manage and adhere to the road trip schedule for a perfect road trip, and your all set to explore Jodhpur the “Blue City”.